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Social and health care is on the verge of restructuring. Despite long-term efforts, the overall national reform process has not been completed, hence development of the sector’s operating environment is unclear. This includes the terms of service structures, producer responsibilities and financial system. Without an entrepreneurial approach to reforming the methods and methods of service delivery, the sustainability and quality of social and healthcare financing will be put to the test as the population ages and the younger population flocks to metropolitan areas. Flexible entrepreneurial training model for social and health sector seeks to provide flexible solutions for adaptability, know-how and special skills of entrepreneurs in the field, in order to support the well governed restructuring of the sector.

The training package will be developed and piloted in the project. The aim is to enhance service provider expertise in both the public and private sectors, either considering entrepreneurship in the Social and welfare sector or already operating as an entrepreneur. The training packages and modules allow the knowledge and skills of the entrepreneur to be as easy and comprehensive as possible, but also the existing entrepreneurs gain the skills to update, expand and meet their future business needs.

The main target groups of the training package are:

1) the Social and welfare professionals who are considering entrepreneurship or who otherwise have entrepreneurial
2) the Social and welfare students who are entrepreneurs,
3) the Social and welfare students who are considering entrepreneurship, and
4) professionals providing business advice.

The project promoters will continue developing the Social and welfare entrepreneurship training model after the end of
the project, having secured resources and practices for the operation. During the duration of the project, continuity and
feasibility after the project will be taken into account in all development and sustainable solutions for the course will be
selected. The experiences and results of the Flexible entrepreneurial training model for social and health sector will
also be disseminated nationwide. It is possible to apply the model to meet the specificities of the region and to
replicate it in other provinces, for example to other Universities of applied sciences after the end of the project.
The experience of the industry-specific, flexible and modular training model can also be used in training and coaching
in other areas of regional development or business development.